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The Royal Burgh of Lanark Museum

A collection of items illustrating the ancient and varied history of the ancient Royal Burgh.

Opening times: From 12 noon - 4.30pm Fridays & Saturdays.

Individual researchers and group visits (including schools) are welcome at any time by appointment.

Lanark is one of Scotland's oldest burghs, and from the time of King William the Lion, it was a favoured hunting area of the Kings of Scotland. It also has associations with two of Scotland's greatest heroes: William Wallace and King Robert the Bruce.

Lanark Museum, through its annual exhibitions, tells the story of the people at work and at leisure. Heavy industry largely bypassed Lanark but at different times the town became well known for various products. Shoes, gloves, saddlery, weaving, oil, knitwear and 'Mauchlineware'. From the earliest times, markets at Lanark were of significance, trading in livestock and agricultural implements. This traditional activity is still in existence today with Lanark Market being one of the largest in Scotland.

The Museum tells the tale of famous Lanarkians such as:  William Lithgow & Robert McQueen, Lord Braxfield, as well as the Covenanters, military, aviation, education, traditions and agriculture in Lanark. 

The museum is volunteer run and the museum is always recruiting more volunteers. Please get in touch if you’re interested.