This golf club has done something brilliant for its environment and local community

Golf Club Management Magazine, the longest running golf trade magazine in Europe, reported on the woodland creation at Carluke Golf Course which took place earlier in the year.

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Date posted: Tuesday, 09 December 2014

Golf Club Management Magazine writes: A Scottish golf club has helped local disadvantaged youngsters plant several trees on its course in a move that will benefit them, local residents and the local environment.

This offered fantastic work experience for children plus green space for the community and wildlife.

The actions by Carluke Golf Club, which received lottery funding, ensured the children received training in tree planting and shows the often under reported good work that the golf industry can do.

Two hectares of new woodland is being planted over nine areas at Carluke Golf Club by 33 volunteers of all ages, including six young people who received support from Barnardos and a 12-day training programme in tree planting, plus aftercare provided by project managers Central Scotland Green Network and Artscape.

The woodland includes deciduous and coniferous trees and will provide shelter for walkers along public footpaths as well as the creation of new habitat for wildlife by providing nuts and berries that will grow in the forestry.

This ‘Woodland Creation Project’ was deemed to be so worthwhile for both the environment and the local community that UK Steel Enterprise (UKSE), the South Lanarkshire LEADER Programme’s Developing Local Communities Fund (DLCF) and the Heritage Lottery Fund’s Clyde and Avon Valley Landscape Partnership collectively donated £11,000 towards it.

To ensure that the new woodland will flourish and survive, each tree was individually tubed for protection from the animals and to encourage growth. Staff at Carluke Golf Club will maintain the woodland for 10 years and volunteers have the opportunity to look after the areas they planted.

Anne Clyde, regional manager at UKSE, said: “We have been a funding partner of DLCF since 2009 and this project at Carluke golf course was an investment which offered a multitude of benefits.

“The Woodland Creation Project not only offered a fantastic work experience for the young people of the area, but will provide valuable green space for the community and wildlife for years to come as the woodland grows.”

UKSE is the Tata Steel subsidiary set up to help growing companies operating in former steel producing area and a funding partner of DLCF.

Yvonne Howley from the South Lanarkshire LEADER programme’s Developing Local Communities Fund said: “We exist to assist community-based projects and therefore are thrilled to be supporting the Woodland Creation Project at Carluke Golf Course.

“This project has brought together the community surrounding the golf club from the members to the young volunteers who got involved with the planting. We have created something where we can watch the hard work grow and transform the course year on year.

“Once again UKSE has shown continued support for the Developing Local Communities Fund. For this, we and the various communities we help are exceptionally grateful.”

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