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Developing professional practice in outdoor learning

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Date posted: Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Outdoor Journeys programme is aimed at developing professional practice in outdoor learning, using local, place responsive techniques. This includes day trips and short residential opportunities.

In 2015/16 CAVLP have teamed up with Learning Through Landscapes and South Lanarkshire Council to offer 15 places. Our context for learning is the local Clyde and Avon valleys.

As teachers are now expected to plan and lead 'regular and progressive outdoor learning experiences', the use of local places removes a number of barriers such as cost, time and location knowledge. Local venues offer an increased opportunity for partnership and access to resources.

Using these places, rich in learning possibilities, we also socially and emotionally connect our learners with the places and topics. In recent years we have come to understand that connection with 'place' needs to come before we learn about the bigger social and environmental issues we face as society.

By the end of the year, you will:

  • Better understand place responsive and enquiry led outdoor learning.
  • Have a greater knowledge of the learning opportunities offered by the culture, history, geography, nature and people of the Clyde and Avon valley.
  • Have led a number of visits with learners.
  • Feel inspired, and find ways to overcome barriers, to incorporate these experiences into long term planning in your school.
  • Developed and shared new resources. This may include individual lessons, field work trips, residential trips or new topics.

This course is built upon Stirling Universities 'Teaching in Nature' and Edinburgh Universities 'Outdoor Journeys' courses, plus Grounds for Learning's own experiences leading similar courses for nearly 20 years. Successful participants will also be recommended for Professional Recognition in outdoor learning by GTCS.

The course is available to Primary, Secondary and ASN teachers from South Lanarkshire schools only. In the first place, please check the online training portal or speak to Caroline Pitcathley This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This programme is only open to South Lanarkshire teachers.

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Matt Robinson

Area Guide

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