Cider Making Update Week 3 With Polly Murray

Clyde Valley cider will be making a return soon!

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Date posted: Wednesday, 26 November 2014

You might remember Anne from the Clyde Valley Orchard Group gave us a roundup of the cider making workshop which took place at the start of November. It's been 3 weeks since the cider making process begun, so Polly Murray who took the workshop, talks us through what happens next.

“I expect you will have been eagerly awaiting the first opportunity to get a taste of the cider we started making. Its been about 3 weeks since we started it off, so its likely to be time to start the racking. I have tried mine, as you will see from the photos, and I think it s very promising. But after that first slurp you must be patient – no peeking or a taking a sniff once you have put it away to mature for the winter, or you’ll let in the dreaded oxygen and the airborne yeasts and bacteria we have worked so hard to keep out. Just remember to dunk your airlocks and bungs and syphon pipes in the steriliser solution, and transfer the young cider into a sterilised demi-john, and all should be well. The photos show what to look for – but if your cider is still bubbling, give it another week or two. There is no danger of it getting “stuck” as we added nutrient, it might just need a little extra warmth. If you havent got a hydrometer yet, dont worry – use the signs, and get all your gear together for next year.”

We certainly hope she remembers to let us try some come Spring time! 

What do you do with your Clyde Valley apples?

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